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Greater Hemp 900mg of Delta-8 Vapes. Greater Hemp's Delta-8 Vapes are infused with a unique terpene profile to produce an unbeatable uplifting feeling. Use with a 510 thread battery and experience the best tastes and effects you can find.

Blue Dream -Sativa 

Bubba Kush -Indica 

Mango - Hybrid 

Strawberry Lemon - Hybrid 

Runtz - Hybrid 

Guava - Hybrid 

Pineapple Express - Sativa 

Gelato - Hybrid 

Girl Scout Cookies - Hybrid 

Green Crack - Sativa 

Watermelon - Indica 

Grand Daddy Purple -Indica 

Wedding Cake - Hybrid 

Pina Colada - Sativa 

Lemon Haze -Sativa 

OG Kush - Hybrid 

Gorilla Glue -Indica 


Greater Hemp Vape Batch ALC 210329-D8H

Greater Hemp Vape Batch 7023

Greater Hemp Vape Batch HMO 0324

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