8:1 | CBD:D9 THC Gummies | 20 Count


These delicious 8:1 Fruit Chew Gummies are all vegan, kosher, and loaded with 8.5 mg D9, 60 mg CBD. 20 count

Hemp derived nutrition is up and coming for a reason. Activate your endocannabinoid system daily with a tasty fruit-based gummy. You always know how much extract you're taking, and they are more bioavailable than oil-based tinctures or gel capsules. Only $.75 a day to start introducing daily doses of active cannabinoids to your system. 

All of the Greater Hemp products are made using the finest organic materials derived from US grown industrial grade hemp. We always have our products third party tested by independent labs and share the results with you. On every product package, and product page, you'll find these COA (Certificate of Analysis) lab results.

These gummies use purified CBD derived from organic hemp grown in the US. There are no other cannabinoids or ingredients in this product that could result in undesired effects such as psychoactive. 

View the COA for Pina Colada batch #00491

View the COA for Watermelon batch #00493