Delta 8 Cannagum | 10 Count | 10mg


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10mg Delta-8 Cannagum From Greater Hemp

Looking for a new way to get your daily dose of Delta-8 extracts? Try our Peppermint flavored D8 Gum is full of flavor.

Our Gum is long-lasting, freshens your breath, and is more rapidly absorbed into the body via your saliva glands.

If you're looking for a new way to try Delta-8 hemp, chewing gum is convenient and easy. Because our Gum is formulated and infused with D8 hemp extract (and not coated in powder like other brands) your body benefits from maximum bioavailability and better taste. That means that your body can absorb more cannabinoids with one dose - saving you money!

Each piece of sugar-free 10mg Delta-8 Cannagum contains about 10mg of Delta-8 hemp extract and is made with vegan and kosher ingredients.

Because hemp products are still not regulated by the FDA, we always have our batches third party tested by independent labs and share the results with you. On every product page, you'll find these COA (Certificate of Analysis) lab results.

View COA for Peppermint Gum batch #210913

View COA for Spearmint Gum batch #210819

View COA for Bubblegum Gum batch #210806

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