Is Delta-8 The New CBD?

First off, what is the new buzzword Delta-8? We’ll explain…Delta-8, also derived from the cannabis plant the same as CBD, is made from processed pure isolate that is turned into an oil. This heating process then converts the cannabidiol compound into Delta-8 or Delta-9. Historically, the effects of each type of THC has been grouped into just one category. As research continues, more and more is learned about the cannabis plant and the contents within.

The greater question may be, are CBD and Delta-8 one in the same? They are both cannabinoids extracted from a plant within the cannabis sativa family, but to be precise, this article shares that cannabis goes through a process where it is converted into the various cannabinoids via glacial acetic acid or a solvent, that is later removed from the Delta-8 so the pure form remains. Just as more CBD is found in the hemp plant (up to and only a maximum of .3% THC), less is found in the marijuana plant, with typically higher concentrations of THC. CBD can be up to levels of 20% in hemp plants.

To fully understand the composition of a cannabis plant, it is important to look at the percentage breakdown. Delta-9 THC often makes up 20-30% of the total extracted content. Delta-8 THC is also derived from the cannabis plant (either hemp or marijuana) but is found in extremely small concentrations, often less than 1% of the total composition of each plant, so collecting this product is much more difficult and costly. However, the benefits make it worth it.

Delta 8-THC could fill the needs of those that want the benefits of THC, without the side effects that make it more difficult to work or concentrate for example. Reducing anxiety without the head high allows consumers to partake in the benefits of THC more frequently, without disrupting daily routines or setting aside separate time. Delta 8-THC provides an alternative to Delta 9-THC, for a more mild psychoactive effect, to avoid feeling extremely impaired or high. This article explains how consumers have experienced a more “clear-headed high”…”without feeling like they have impaired their cognitive functions” in comparison to standard THC consumables. This article discusses the head and body high experienced for 10 MG versus 20 MG.

The added benefits of consuming CBD with THC is called the entourage effect, where the different compounds work better together. The benefits of combining terpenes and phytocannabinoids are apparent in several studies, explained in this article. Even the only FDA approved drug on the market with cannabis called Epidiolex, contains both CBD and THC. Depending on what consumers want to use cannabis for, different concentrations of each also vary depending on the condition for treatment. This article of course is implying that both CBD and THC have many benefits on their own, but sometimes the combination can be even better for specific ailments. The market may suggest that Delta-8 is the up and coming compound, but CBD is also here to stay since both have their purpose and benefits.