Delta-8 Is Better Than Candy

There, we said it! Delta-8 is better than candy! Then we thought, why not have your candy with Delta-8 and eat it too? Our mad, yet happy scientists did just that: meet the Cannabomb edible! Each hard-shelled chewy candy is infused with 5mg of Delta-8.

But wait, what is Delta-8? Is it THC or is it CBD? Yes and no. Delta-8 is derived from the cannabis plant (either hemp or marijuana) but is found in extremely small concentrations, often less than 1% of the total composition of each plant. According to this article, Delta-8 is a form of THC but often called ‘weed light’ as it’s ⅓ less psychoactive than Delta-9, the other main THC cannabinoid. Even more specific, most Delta-8 that you find in products today are derived from hemp plants, as derivatives from hemp plants are federally legal due to the 2018 Farm Bill. This allows hemp plants to be grown and processed commercially as cannabinoids from hemp are not considered controlled substances, where marijuana is in many states. We realize that we stated earlier that Delta-8 is a type of THC and isn’t that illegal? When extracted from a hemp plant, federally, no! (We recommend checking your state laws though too.) Here we share a bit more about this from legal opinion letters on the subject.

Ok, back to these candy bombs…Edibles can sometimes be intimidating, especially with a lack of regulations and less than clear ingredients and cannabis quantities inside. We want to make sure that you know exactly what you’re consuming, and always, always ease into it, as each body is unique and processes ingested items differently. This article from one of our experts gives good guidelines on where to start when you decide to try Delta-8. Always check out the validity of the company you purchase from, the quality, and transparency of testing centers and results for each batch of product. There are also several tools available that do some of the work for you to rate and report on the product of interest. See a few options here.

So why is Delta-8 potentially better than candy? You know how candy makes you feel good, with a rush of sugar and sweetness, a little boost to your energy, maybe it even makes you feel nostalgic or indulgent? Well, studies claim that ingesting Delta-8 can have similar effects, to help reduce anxiety, or to feel calm and relaxed. It provides a similar effect as a standard THC-containing edible with Delta-9, but the Delta-8 is not nearly as potent. It still allows you to maintain mental clarity, to go about your day without anxiety. It does not cause lethargy and lack of motivation that the other form of THC is typically responsible for. If you had been historically turned off by these side effects of THC, Delta-8 might be the perfect solution, to have your candy and eat it too.