Consuming Cannabis Without the High: Delta-8

When the cannabis plant is processed and the cannabinoids are extracted, THC is generally the greatest percentage byproduct that remains, notorious for creating that high feeling when consumed. As more and more research developments are made, the industry is discovering that THC is a little more complex than once thought. The complete list of cannabinoids can be found here, showcasing all of the various compounds extracted from the hemp or marijuana plant including Delta-8 (Δ8-THC and Δ8-THCA), Delta-9 (THCA-A, THCA-C4, and many more types), CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBF, as the list goes on. There have been about 150 different cannabinoids discovered so far. What we can take from this data is that THC has two distinguishable types, Delta-8 and Delta-9. Perhaps the reasoning for the later discovery of Delta-8 is that it makes up less than 1% of the extracted content from each plant, in comparison to up to 30% for Delta-9 THC, according to this article. Interestingly, Delta-8 was discovered back in the 1940s and has been only more recently highlighted. Much more is known about Delta-9, including studies accumulated over the past 30 years that suggest the therapeutic benefits in combination with some of the less desirable side effects.

Since some individuals want the benefits of THC but may not be too keen on experiencing the other side effects, Delta-8 could be the solution. Studies found that the psychoactive effects are significantly less than Delta-9. If the Delta-8 is isolated from the Delta-9 and added in greater quantities, it may cause less brain fog, anxiety, or paranoia that are some of the traditional THC side effects. This article explains the psychotropic effect a bit more. This is where Delta-8 differs, and may provide a better solution for frequent cannabis consumption, to prevent interference with concentration and focus. An article from one of our experts shares the head and body effect from consuming Delta-8 and dosing suggestions. It’s important to start slow and see how the body reacts to each dosage. How the body absorbs cannabinoids can also vary per compound. This article shares that Delta-9 is absorbed faster, where Delta-8 provides a more gradual onset of THC that is not nearly as strong as its counterpart. However, how the THC binds to receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system is still the same. The Delta-8 can create a much lighter high feeling or euphoria, and may even improve efficiency by encouraging motivation among other positive benefits. There really is a new option for THC consumption since isolating Delta-8 became available to consumers. Depending on your preference there is a type of THC for the preferred results or mind and body effect.