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The Greater Hemp Difference

Greater Hemp products are made using the finest organic materials derived from US grown industrial grade hemp. We carefully extract the cannabinoids and process them into their individual isolates, which allows us to have the purest and most consistent products as we infuse with unadulterated cannabinoids.

Our cannabinoids are extracted and made in our FDA certified factory. All our products are tested in house once it is produced. Additionally, all Greater Hemp products quality is confirmed out to DEA-certified 3rd party testing labs for safety to perform sophisticated tests, assuring given purity and potency, absence of heavy metal presence, no microbial presence, no residual solvents, and more. You can be guaranteed that all Greater Hemp products are of the safest quality standards available today.

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The Greater Hemp  Cannabinoids


Delta 9 Hemp

Wellness & Sense of Calm

Delta 9 THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid cannabis users know and love. It’s the active compound responsible for marijuana’s signature “high.” And it’s also responsible for one of the most well-known side effects of weed: the munchies.

Delta 8 Hemp

Clear High & Tranquility

Delta-8 is known for a clear and energetic high. Delta-8 binds to a slightly different set of receptors in the human body. These receptors are more commonly associated with CBD.


Elevate Mood and Relaxation

When you take a dose of HHC, you can expect a euphoric high that can last about two to three hours. This effect causes a gradual increase in mood and a deep and relaxing sense of well-being.


Focus & Lifted

THCV is gaining in popularity for its potential health benefits and non-psychoactive properties. Consumers of THCV have reported benefits such as: appetite suppressant, feeling clear-headed and focused, and reduced panic attacks.


Non-Psychoactive Wellness

CBD is the primary cannabinoid in hemp. It has various healing properties. CBD seems to lessen inflammation, the body’s response to illness or injury. In this way, it may help treat many different diseases. 

Super Full Spectrum D9 CBD

The “Entourage Effect”

The full spectrum concept plays a vital role in giving CBD products their full potential. CBD works best in concert with the other compounds found in hemp plants. Some studies show that the effects of CBG and CBD, for example, seem to enhance each other.

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Greater Hemp Customers


I am new to hemp products and I tried Greater Hemp and not only were the gummies relaxing and delicious, their customer service answered all my questions and were so friendly

Rachel P. - TX

I have horrible back pain from years of playing basketball, I take 1 cannabomb everyday and apply the CBD muscle balm and I no longer need ibuprofen. Thank you GH!

John B.

As a mom I do not drink anymore because the next day with a toddler is brutal (if you know, ya know) So I have switched to adding half a Cannashot into my cocktail, it’s perfect without a hangover!

Wendy J.

I wanted to find something to help me focus, a friend of mine suggested THCV. I ordered these gummies and I feel like it is the perfect addition to my busy day and helps to keep me focused.

Blake B.


Introducing a new GREATER gummy! These NEW Nano gummies contain a super blend of complementary cannabinoids, including maximum amount of Nano Delta 9 THC permissible by law, CBC, CBG, and CBN, for a full entourage effect. The nanotization process used makes the cannabinoids up to 600% more effective, and the onset of effects almost immediate, as they are absorbed into the bloodstream via the blood-barriers. In other words, your body starts absorbing these cannabinoids well before they reach your digestive track. We often refer to this first-pass metabolism as having a ‘higher bioavailability’ and will give consumers a different experience than non-nano alternatives.

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Nano D9 Gummy Full Spectrum